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¿Es Terminar?

It is as I have lost something.

¿Tu pensas?


Cual es...♥¿


Lost vigor. Lost extremities.

I should drop out and really live. Live all the time. On the edge. Live happy.

Why not¿  Is it fear¿

Am I a slave to the system¿...

I could learn so much more. Do so much more. Experiement with so much more. Systematic education just slows the process down...

Suprise, Suprise...

Continuing College life. Somewhere prestigious. Sounds nice yea..but why? We are so trained. We are such slaves.

Captured by the thought that says, "I have come so far (in the system),
why not keep going, perhaps overcome it some other time?"


You should all come to Ann Arbor to the tribute to Pablo Naruda este Sabado. At the Ark, at 8:00pm.

He died years ago from giving up. Giving up on love. He was in good
physical health, yet bore the pain. He suffered from Love, the lack of

Me and my bachelor atitude...

Pablo influenced me and my writing and I can relate. Lets hope I will
not die of the same means. Hopefully my relation to him stops, before
it is too late.

This is one thing however, that is out of my control.

So lets see what you can conjure up.


Well I know someone whom is coming along on the ladder with myself. Two
or three of you. The rest of you wont have to confront the warfare for
freedom. The rest of you seem hopeless. But I suppose I will keep
trying. Afterall I am famous....



Your negligence blinds me.  How is that for active voice?

Hasta pronto. quizás.


Here's me' abyss literally:     


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