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So am a failure to the Taoist concept of Pu'.
Not that I am a Taoist. Not that I choose to categorize myself as one.
But the principle itself, as many other Taoist principles, are ideal to the step following perfection.
Yes, I am perfect, Jeanelle says so.
But I see a step after that (still nameless) that I wish to achieve.
Part of achieving such a feat comes from personal enlightenment. It's not a complex thing, but in fact supposed to be to simple to explain in depth, thus defeating the principle.
Thats the thing. I need explanation. If I understood, why would I have to explain?

"I just don't understand"
-Sweet Honey

You remember in my earlier entries when I quoted something like: Explanation ruins the original meaning of point.

Horrible paraphrase, but you get the point.

What happened to that? I suppose that is what I am striving for.

I realized it more than ever before today in a small confrontation.
If the event could have been recorded I am sure it would be humorous.
But it wasn't.

So the hight I wish to acheive soon, seems to be taking longer than I expected.
I thought I could just think about it and understand. Seems reasonable.
But in that reasoning lies the paradox that I think I see and yet still lack understanding to accomplish.

Still the same and just trying to be different doesn't do.
One can try to accomplish something all of their life. But if one doesn't take the proper steps towards their goal they may never achieve it. In fact, it take them in the opposite direction.


But it just occured to me that the world is round.


So here we are at step 1 or 6 or where ever.

I could apologize. But I am not going to. It's not necessary. I don't think I have done anything wrong.

Plus a matter of wrong is a matter of relativity.

What do you think?

Talk to you later.

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The advisability of an apology is seldom based on right or wrong. In fact no action or lack thereof is undertaken entirely from that somewhat over valued and infinitely illusionary perspective. If there is a right or wrong in this situation one would be hard pressed to truly discern it, but that is not the point. The reason for apologizing is not to right some perceived wrong, but rather to denounce disharmony; to sooth injury; so sow love. “I am sorry if during our interaction you became un-joyful. Truly your happiness is as my own to me and a I regret that I did not add to it.” Still in the long run whether or not you are incline to generously give that kindness may depend on how enlightened you are regarding the abundance of the kindness you have to give.

The Zen concept of awakening or becoming enlightened has as much to do with remembering as it does with discovering. If the perfect state is to be one with all things, then we consciously leave perfection to come to this plane, in order to experience the ecstasy of becoming one with all things. We must forget theses truths for a time in order
enjoy the flow of energy and the process of remembering our perfection. You see the destination is not really the point it is the journey. The real genius is leaning to learn; to grow with each new experience, each new idea, and each new challenge; and have FUN doing it. There are road maps and sign posts and even detours along the way but be certain you will get there.. you know the way… it is where you came from .. it is the road you helped build. This perfect, calm, harmonious self is already you… You have only to remember.