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come, lets go.

If you've been listening/watching, there are alot of things going on in this world. Whatever you call it, bad or good, the judgement is only a statment about yourself, and says nothing about the situation itself.

What we need is a leader, since most of us our followers, or something else other than leaders. El Hajj Malik, Ghandi, Huey P. Newton to name a few. There is something in these leaders that comes close to Universal Knowledge--a topic only briefly explored. An attribute of purely altruistic behavior and action toward a better cause. Complete self-sacrifice. I wonder who will rise to the challenge only to be killed off in a matter of years.
What do you believe in?
Whatever you choose, choose with Love and utter respect and I hope you will not go wrong.
"Stop Bitchin' and start a revolution."
Pick your battle. International wars, civil wars, gay rights, women rights, Latino rights, Matty rights, Uranium rights, Presidential wrongs...
and go with it.

To bad, all of you who read this are too selfish to do so. But perhaps you will spread the message to a friend, and like dominoes the word will spread and someone at the end of chain effect will begin his/her own.

I hope you realize, that your problems are insubstantial in the scheme of things. In 10 years, you will look back at your live journal writings and reflect on how goofy you were (at least those of you who progress in life). So why fret now? Stop self indulging so much, you are just not that important when over 1 million people between three small countries face pre-famine conditions.
And over llmillion people at high risk of DEATH.

Jesus Christ, and you all think finals are stressful....Pitiful.

Get it together smart students of the up and coming generation--my generation.

Get it the fuck together.

Come to serious realization soon, that most of your issues are not problems at all, get over them.


Spread the word.

One Love everyone.

One Love.

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hi i love you...i know i'm a little late on the response but i just wanted 2 say i love u!