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Metaphorically Speaking....

She is the oil to my piston.
The float to my boat.
The weight to my lifting.
The hand to my keyboard.
The cup to my milkshake.
The mouth to my kiss.
The contents to my book.
The lace to my shoes.
The cock to my crow.
The seaweed to my ocean.
The dog to my "woof".
The litter to my cat.
The luke to my vador.
The American to my ideal.
The Edgar Allen to my Poe.
The Bitch to my slap.
The powder to my baby.
The instument to my music.
The ussy to my p.
The enus to my v.
The UFO to my abducton.
The cookie to my chocolate chip.
The detergent to my laundry.
The mouse to my trap.
The inane to my glass.
The cow to my moo.
The pizza to my pepperoni.
The condom to my ejaculation.
The catcher to my rye.
The judge to my jury.
The head to my shaft.
The base to my ball.
The ball to my basket.
The stupid to my Canada.
The copy to my cat.
The eater to my cheat.
The nip to pull
The Mac to my donald.
The bell to my taco.
The ice to my cream.
The light to my bud.
The night to my light.
The star to my shooting.
The gun to my gangster.
The pimp to my hoe.

She's my baby's mamma.
And I love her so.

--R.I.P: T and M

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