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Hopeful for Inspiration of Discourse

I tried to update as promised...had quite the story, quite the proposition, quite the attitude. I had quite the post that could've made or broken a relationship or two--most likely the latter.

I was close to finish when the blue screen of death appeared. My computer froze. This instance is rare. It leaves me to be thankful, the rest of the events that happend in the day of my lost post would've changed my view and definatley my increasingly cynical post. Something else.. huh.
You get a new appreciation of the fengshui.

So I learned something in the most important of those events. Something that will get me closer to my goal. In an instant (can't quite pinpoint it) I fully undertook and understanded what I preach and yearn for everyday. I am no Buddist that I know of. Nevertheless, I was closer to zen/tao. Both of which are very real. Interpretations and claims of the word may be different but it still exists throughout.

Of course..It had to deal with being patient. Which some claim is a virtue, yet they know nothing of virtue or the celestial hierarchy. This is ok though, just something to point out.

I was very humblized when it happend.  A new realistic ego.

Hey...thanks...It was an open door.


I now know my loyal folks, and my folks whom attempt to get there.  All in a week.

I also know my hopelessly weak. This week some of you weak ones moved up a bit.

You are on the ladder.



It will make ALL of life much better. I promise. Deal with shit. Deal with the tough with vigor. When done, you can encounter the rest with ease and at rest--in slumber.  Honestly. No one I KNOW has it that bad. As lib so eloquently may claim, the hardest problem to deal with is yourself. She knows and adjusts accordingly as we all should. Growth, it never should stop. Lets get moving.

And please...Don't be in denial. If you are not relaxed and are uptight or don't know. Really look at yourself first and then ADJUST ACCORDINGLY. It is all a part of life, and if I may allude, a part of what a wonderful world.

Yes...I am perfectly happy with myself and my life, I promise.. So it is possible. Why not be there? At peace with oneself. Contain and minimize all of the internal strife.

Don't get stressed for convential reasons..What the hell is that? A shit excuse for most anything.  


I am off to participate in a tedious hobby. And enjoy every bit of it.

Don't take anything for granted.


Ya' know.

She's my old love.



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